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Do Dealerships Replace Windshields? – Where to Get a Replacement

If you’re looking into buying a car, there are some basics that you’ll have to know. Cars will get into accidents, whether they be your fault or not. Some of the most accidents that cars face is windshield damage. So, do dealerships replace windshields? Dealerships do replace windshields, and this article will go further into detail about getting your windshield replaced in the event that you’ve encountered windshield damage.

Dealerships Replacing Windshields

Do dealerships replace windshields

Replace or Repair

There was a time where when you had a small crack in your windshield, you had to get the whole thing replaced. Through advanced technology, that is no longer the case. Instead, there are simpler remedies on remedying a windshield crack. These alternatives can save you more money in comparison to a replacement.

Other Depending Factors

The decision of repairing or replacing the windshield will depend on some factors. Some factors include the size and the location of the crack. It also depends on the severity of damage. Small chips and cracks can be easily managed, but in the cases when the crack or chip is directly in the driver’s side, if there are more than three or four cracks or chips on the glass, if the corner of the windshield is damaged severely, or if your windshield becomes old enough and covered with tiny divots, you should then replace it.

The Cost

The cost of the replacement or repair of a windshield will depend on the size and severity of the crack. The cost also depends on the type of vehicle as well. When you choose to get your windshield replaced at a dealership, the cost will differ from getting it done through an independent windshield replacement company as well. If you will decide to buy glass from the local glass shops, you will have to buy the non-OEM material.

Bottom Line

Cars will get into accidents regardless of if they end up being your fault or not. One of the most common types of damage that cars often get into is windshield damage. Although there are many ways to get your windshield repaired, there are still many questions about the process of windshield replacement that many car owners are unaware of. One of the questions being, “Do dealerships replace windshields?” Dealerships do replace windshields, although you should do your own research and look for other remedies prior to moving forward with a full on replacement.

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