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How to Install a Passenger Side Mirror

Side mirrors help with safety and security on the road, but replacing them can be an expensive affair. If you ever find yourself in such a fix, there is a way to save money by putting your hands to good use. Replacing a broken passenger side mirror is not a complicated task – you need to have the best tools. Below is a step by step guide of how to install a passenger side mirror.

How to Install a Passenger Side Mirror


  • Find a Replacement


To install a new passenger side mirror, start by searching for a replacement. It could be online or on a physical location. Be sure to also consider paint options. If you are unable to find a perfect match, you can paint the mirror yourself with multiple thin coats.


  • Safety Fast


Installing a new passenger side mirror is work that entails interacting with power cables from the car battery. First, disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery before you start the removal process. This way you will get to avoid a possible shock when you touch electrical components in the mirror harness.


  • Remove the Trim PanelHow to Install a Passenger Side Mirror


The door panel is designed to be easily removable, so this shouldn’t pose a challenge. Once you find all the underlying fasteners, it will be as easy as ABC. There are usually many screws lying behind the vanity caps and other hidden spots behind the armrest. Unscrew all bolts behind the armrest too. Vanity caps will present themselves in the form of random round covers – pry these open to reach the screws.


  • Remove the Door Fasteners


The next step after you remove the screws is to also get rid of the door fasteners. You can find these fasteners by meticulously prying along the boundary of the trim panel. Once you locate a bolt, wedge it upwards with a panel remover tool and get rid of it from its hole. Progress in that manner until you are done with all the fasteners. You can then lift the panel up and out. Leave the power cables to the window as well as the door lock in place.


  • Disconnect the Wires and Do a Replacement on the Mirror


Find the mirror’s electrical connector by following the wires from the door and disconnect it. Remove the mirror from the door and fit the new mirror in place then fasten with a screwdriver. Connect again electrical connector and test the newly installed mirror before you put everything back in place. Follow the same steps you took in removing the door panel only this time you are putting it back. Tap the panel fasteners in place and do a replacement on the screws as well as the vanity caps. Connect the negative cable of the battery back in place.


  • Manual Windows (if Needed)


For cars that have manual windows, you’ll need to get rid of window crank prior to removing the door panel. Slide your remover tool into the window crank, then pop it up to remove spring clip. Afterward, make sure to catch the spring clip. Get the crank away from the shaft. After you install the mirror, you can do a replacement on the panel by inserting a spring clip into the grooves of the crank and then pushing it back until it clicks in place.

In Conclusion



Knowing how to install a new passenger side mirror can make it an easy task. Following the steps above will help guide you through the process and ensure your installation goes correctly.

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