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Should I Use Insurance to Replace Windshield?

Windshield cracks and chips happen all of the time. It’s important to make sure that your cracks and chips do not affect your visibility of the road or your ability to drive. If your windshield is damaged, there are various factors you need to know before you consider using insurance to replace it. Broken, chipped, and cracked are some of the common windshield problems you will likely encounter if you own a car. Some of the factors that can easily damage your windshield include; falling branches, vandalism, animals, pebbles, as well as sand and gravel. So, should I use insurance to replace windshield? Below are going to be some key points to consider if you’re debating on whether to use your insurance provider to replace your windshield or not:

Understanding Glass Coverage

In case your car’s windshield or any other glass such as sunroof, rear window, or side window is damaged by anything else apart from a collision; it is important you use comprehensive coverage to pay for it. Comprehensive coverage often pays for any damage associated with animal collisions, vandalism, storms and fire. You should know that this kind of coverage is considered optional. Therefore, if you do not have this sort of coverage in your plan, you will incur the entire cost when repairing your windshield.

Considering Your Deductible

Before you file any windshield claim, ensure you compare the estimated cost repair and figure out if it is worth filing a claim in the first place. In the case you discover your deductible is higher than the estimated cost of repair, you shouldn’t file a claim.

Knowing the Potential Effect on Your Premium

Most glass damage claims that do not arise from a collision cannot make your car insurance rates increase. However, this factor is normally determined by the car insurance provider you choose to work with. If your premiums will increase due to a windshield replacement, follow the previous tip to ensure that you are paying a fair amount for the replacement, whether that be your deductible or another amount.

Submitting Your Claim

If the deductible amount is lower, such that it makes it necessary to file an auto windshield or glass claim, go ahead and do it. It is essential that you file the claim immediately once you encounter windshield damage. Most auto car insurance firms will allow you file your claim in person, phone, online, or through their mobile application.

Getting the Damaged Windshield Fixed

An auto insurance firm will either require your windshield to be fixed at a repair shop that you prefer or through a repair shop they are contracted with. If you decide to go with your own repair shop of your choice, make sure that the work is done correctly and it is a credible shop to prevent any future damages.

Submitting the Receipt for Reimbursement

Your auto insurance firm may require you to fax or upload your invoice or receipt with your name, phone number, policy number and the date of damage. Make sure that you look into your insurance provider’s requirements if they require any other type of information.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re driving to work, going home, or going on a vacation somewhere, windshield damage happens all of the time. If your windshield is damaged, Airport Shuttle of Phoenix suggests to keep these factors in mind when you’re asking yourself, “Should I use insurance to replace windshield?” These tips will not only ensure you a windshield replacement, but it’ll also make sure that you’re spending a reasonable amount on your replacement.

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