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Types of Glass Cracks

Windshield cracks happen often and are typically unavoidable. Although many continue to drive with a cracked windshield, there needs to be urgency when replacing the glass for safety and security purposes. Generally speaking there are four common types of glass cracks that occur, which will be further described in the article below.

Types of Glass Cracks



  • Impact Breakage



In some cases, when a piece of glass suffers an impact it will break completely. You will usually be able to tell where the point of the impact occurred on the window, even if you are unaware of what cause the crack.Types of Glass Cracks


Typically when the window is damaged, it is important that a professional replaces the glass for safety purposes. Windows can shatter entirely which leaves the chance of unskilled individuals to be cut by the glass.



  • Stress Cracks



Stress cracks will often appear in strengthened glass when there has been a significant change in temperature. They can form anywhere in the window, such as in the middle and have multiple or few cracks present in the glass.



  • Edge Damage



There may be damage at the edge of the piece of glass that is not always noticeable without thorough inspection. Going unnoticeable at first,m this crack and slowly begin to become larger and extend across the glass. Types of Glass CracksOccasionally a stress crack and an edge damaged glass can be difficult to distinguish. However, always ensure that whoever replaces your windshield is thoroughly examining the glass.



  • Spontaneous Breakage



There have been instances where glass can spontaneously break. If you cannot recall anything that may have damaged your windshield, than spontaneous breakage may be your answer, which may have to do with the nickel sulfide present in the glass.


Nickel sulfide stones can form during the production of glass and can become a center tension zone for the glass. Over time these stones can grow up to 4% of their original size. Although it may not seem like a large increase, this is enough to cause the glass to crack or break.


Types of glass cracks vary from edge damage to impact breakage. Therefore, the crack on your windshield can be categorized by any of these glass cracks above. Auto Glass America have skilled professionals that are able to replace any cracked windshield.


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